Open Systems Integrity Line

Please use this form as a channel to contact the Open Systems Integrity Team. The details shared here are highly confidential and protected. They are directly sent to the Data Protection Officer of Open Systems who informs the Open Systems Integrity Team. To ensure confidentiality no systems and/or emails of Open Systems are used. Whistleblowers can decide for themselves whether they want to share their name and contact number, though an email address is required so that we can correspond with you. This can be an anonymous email of course, and does not need to be your Open Systems email address.

Whistleblowers are encouraged to share as much details as possible in this form. They would be contacted through the shared email address to acknowledge the receipt of this form and for any further details (if required).

Please provide the following information:
1. Name (optional)
2. Email-Address
3. Please share details regarding the incident which you would like to report
4. Additional Remarks (Optional)